Meat Animal Project (MAP)




  • Beef – In the beef project you can learn how to select market quality animals, select proper feed, identify different beef breeds, and gain herd management skills. You will also have the chance to learn about carcass value on market beef. This project is filled with many hands-on activities.
  • Sheep – The sheep project allows members to identify sheep breeds and body parts, observe sheep behavior, and identify uses of wool and other by-products. Project members will learn how to select desirable sheep and how to fit and show sheep.
  • Swine – Enjoy learning about different swine breeds, anatomy of swine, and how to select the correct feed for swine. Also, in this project members will have a chance to practice judging market hogs.

MAP News



YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) is required throughout all of Wisconsin. Youth are required to receive YQCA certification to be eligible for the 2021 sale.

**NEW for 2020-2021: There will not be an opportunity to complete the YQCA certification in person due to uncertainties with COVID-19 and meeting size requirements. Youth are encouraged to complete the online modules (detailed below) as soon as possible.

Online Modules

In the online version, the youth exhibitor will complete three interactive online modules and corresponding quizzes. The modules will provide new information every year. The modules take roughly 60 minutes to complete each year.

  1. Online modules cost $12.00 to complete.
  2. Youth must register and pay for YQCA at and follow the step by step instructions. Youth in 4-H must sign in with their 4honline account. Youth in FFA or Other Youth Organization must use the FFA or Independent sign in option.
  3. Project Members must complete:
    • Knowledge Builder (background information on the topic)
    • Skills Lab (online interactive labs)
    • A Quiz for three different topic areas
      • Quizzes need to be passed before moving forward to next section.
      • If a section is failed, the member will have to wait 20-30 minutes before retaking.
      • Once the knowledge builder, skills lab and all three quizzes are passed a certification will be available.
  4. Project Members ages 19-21 are required to complete the online module training.
  5. Project members younger than 19 years old have the option to attend in-person trainings in other counties IF they are offered. Pre-registration is required for the event.
  6. In order for the MAP Committee to verify that you have completed the YQCA Training, you must submit a copy of your certificate to the Extension office by May 28, 2021. You may email your certificate to or or you may turn in a hard copy. Refer to MAP Calendar for due date.

YQCA Test Out Option

An online test out option for YQCA certifications is available. Youth can only take these tests when they are 12, 15 and 19 (on December 31 of the previous calendar year). The test has 50 questions and you need to answer 80% correctly to pass. Youth can only take the test ONCE at the beginning of the age group. If youth don’t pass, you must take the online course every year. The credit card is billed when the youth passes the test. To find the test out option, scroll to the bottom of the course list when you are logged into your YQCA account. Cost is $36.00. 15 -16 -17 -18: You can only take the test as 15 year old. Cost is $48.00 19 -20 -21: You can only take the test has a 19 year old. This is available for those who exhibit in breed shows until they reach the age of 21. Cost is $36.00.

MAP Committee Contacts

2020-2021 Meat Animal Project Committee Members

Position Name Phone
Beef Representative, Adult Scott Keppen*, Vice Chair 920-988-2306
Beef Representative, Adult Justin Thom, Chair 262-490-1313
Beef Representative, Youth Morgan Bauer* 916-308-8933
Beef Representative, Youth Anna Koehler* 920-728-6040
Sheep Representative, Adult Karl Winkelman* 920-253-9541
Sheep Representative, Adult Bob Knapp 920-988-5761
Sheep Representative, Youth Ellie Winkelman* 920-261-8486
Sheep Representative, Youth Dakota Knapp* 920-988-5761
Swine Representative, Adult Rachel Thom, Treasurer 920-728-5144
Swine Representative, Adult Scot Strauss* 920-988-8101
Swine Representative, Youth MacKenzie Thom*, Reporter 920-723-7998
Swine Representative, Youth Mackenzie (Mack) Mattke* 920-650-0297
Dairy Representative, Adult Zach Tolzman
Dairy Representative, Youth Lilly Kamenick 920-674-2487
Member-at-Large Katelyn Thom*, Secretary 920-728-4561
FFA Representative Brian Bauer* 916-308-8933
Business Representative Cheryl Splinter* 262-490-3039

* Terms expire in 2021.

MAP Data Log

The Extension Office works hard to update the data log when documents are turned in. This log is maintained to assist project members to know what documents they have turned in and what documents are still needed. If you have questions about or disagree with the information the data log contains, please contact the Extension Office at 920-674-7295 or or .

2020-2021 MAP Data Log

MAP Calendar

MAP Committee Meeting Dates

The Meat Animal Project Committee meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at the Extension, Jefferson County Office (864 Collins Road in Jefferson) at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted or publicized. Future Committee meeting dates are as follows:

            • August 24, 2021

2020-2021 MAP Project Calendar

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed by UW-Madison, please note that the programs and activities listed below may change as circumstances change. The MAP Committee and the Extension office will do their due diligence to communicate effectively and often if the 4-H year does not go as scheduled below. Please follow the Extension website and emails to get the most up-to-date information.

  • Friday, September 3 – Record Books due by 4 p.m.

*Indicates that the program is currently scheduled for in-person but due to COVID-19 may need to move to virtual or be postponed or canceled.

MAP Handbook, By-Laws, & MAP Agreement

  • MAP 2020-21 Bylaws (pdf file) *Approved on October 13, 2020
  • MAP 2020-2021 Handbook (pdf file) *Approved on October 13, 2020
    ** Note: Dates & project information in the handbook may not be updated due to COVID-19. Please check the calendar and refer to project communications for the most up to date information.)
  • 2020-2021 Member Agreement (Seamless docs) – complete and submit online

Educational Opportunities

Each youth participating in the Meat Animal Project for the 2020-2021 project year is required to earn educational points in order to be eligible to sell in the Youth Dairy and Livestock Sale at the 2021 Jefferson County Fair. Educational Point Card runs from June 1, 2020 – May 28, 2021. Please note the following:

  1. Completed educational point cards must be turned in by May 28, 2021 to the Extension Office by 4:00 pm. Point cards received in the drop box after 4 p.m. will be considered late.
  2. See Educational Point Card for point values.
  3. Please be sure that everything you put on the card is pre-approved, signed and legible. Dairy related clinics and judging do not count.
  4. Members in grades 3rd – 8th must earn at least four points.
  5. Members in grades 9th – 12th must earn at least six points.
  6. All members must be YQCA certified.
  7. All members must obtain one carcass educational point; grade 13 members are exempt.
  8. Grade 13 Project members are exempt from the educational point card requirements.
  9. Youth that serve on the MAP Committee are exempt from completing the educational point card but are still required to complete the mandatory points such as the carcass educational and YQCA certification.
  10. Dairy Judging, World Dairy Expo, Dairy Bowl and Project Animal Sales are a few items that are not included and do not count for points in the MAP Project.
  11.  Signatures on Point Cards:
    • All MAP Committee members may sign point cards. At MAP sponsored events, MAP Committee members will stamp point cards with the MAP approved stamp and initial/date the card at the end of the event.
    • For any other even that is pre-approved, please have a presenter or coordinator from the event clearly print their name and sign it. We would appreciate them adding a phone number also so that the event may be verified.
    • Herd Management: Signature should be a club project leader, club general leader or MAP Committee member that has verified requirements. A child’s parent may not sign their point card for herd management.
    • MAP Committee adult members will verify points and signatures as cards are turned in at their next scheduled meeting.
    • YQCA Certification is required to sell in the sale but is not required as a point requirement for the card/project.
    • No youth should sign their own point card.

2020-21 Point Card

Virtual Educational Verification Form

    • Please complete this form for each educational opportunity you attend.
    • Print it off and staple it to your point card.

Additional Committee Approved Educational Point Opportunities (Not listed on the Point Card)

The MAP Committee realizes that this project year is going to look different and that includes opportunities to obtain points. We are asking members to be checking their emails regularly as that will be our main avenue of communication. The Educational Subcommittee of the MAP Committee has worked hard to identify additional virtual point opportunities for project members. Below are the options that have been added:

  1. 3-5 Minute Project Video (1 point): Make a 3-5 minutes video of you talking about your animal project. You can film this video with or without your animal. Videos can be sent to the Extension Office.
    Some prompts to help you get started…

    • Introduce yourself. Include your name, grade/age, 4-H Club or FFA Chapter Name and the project your video is about
    • Explain your daily routine with your animal.
    • How do you care for your animal?
    • What goals do you have for this project year?
    • Talk about where you got your animal from.
    • What do you enjoy about being in the beef project?
    • What have you learned about the beef project in the past?
  2. WYLP – Animal Science Educational Programs (Virtual): The Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program (WYLP), affiliated with the UW Madison Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, and the Division of Extension are excited to offer these educational programs for the winter/spring of 2020-2021. These activities are an opportunity for youth and adults to create awareness and increase skills in the animal sciences.

      • December 3, 2020 – Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Building Tour
      • January 14, 2021 – Roaming the Rumen
      • February 11, 2021 – Feeding & Caring for Swine without Ractopamine
      • March 11, 2021 – Lamb Live & Carcass Evaluation
      • April 8, 2021 – Artificial Intelligence in Animal Science
      • May 13, 2021 – Meat Science Cookery
    • Go to this link for further details.
    • How do you record your participation?
  3. Project Workbook Lessons: Youth can complete a level for 1 point; maximum of 2 points. Lessons should be completed according to grade. Level 1 is for grades 3-5. Level 2 is for grades 6-8. Level 3 is for grades 9-12. Any specie (beef, sheep or swine) can be completed.
    • How do you complete?
      • Go to this link and print off the specie workbook level of interest.
      • Complete the workbook.
      • Staple the workbook (papers) to your point card.
      • MAP Committee will review your workbook(s) and award points.

Events not listed on the point card must be pre-approved by the committee in order for them to count as points. Please contact the committee chairperson or the Extension Office before the monthly committee meeting to have your event approved. All educational points must be completed and approved by May 28, 2021.

Record Books

Record books for the 2020-2021 project year are due by September 3, 2021. Please follow the below guidelines.

  1. A record book is a required document by active MAP members. Refer to the MAP Calendar for correct due date.
  2. A record book is required by each project member who weighs in an animal at the Jefferson County Fair.
    • The required record book must be completed for the animal sold in the MAP Sale.
    • If you did not sell in the 2021 MAP Sale, your record book can be completed for any animal you identified.
    • Only one record book is required per exhibitor.
  3. Record books must be turned in complete.
    • A record book less than 50% complete will be penalized with a late fee.
    • If your record book is deemed 50% incomplete, the MAP Committee will review your record book as a committee. Members who turn in record books that are deemed incomplete will be penalized $100.
  4. Record books will be judged by adult committee members.
  5. Record books turned in after 4pm on due date will be considered a late document and penalized accordingly.

Record Books (All record books due to EXT Office by 4 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2021)

Buyer Information

Junior Livestock and Dairy Auction – Saturday, July 10, 2021


Advantage Mechanical Gallitz Grading, Inc Katzman Farms Inc Probst Insurance Agency Syngenta Seeds
American Family Insurance Gaugert’s Mobil Kauer Farms LLC Property Services, Inc. Tanis Construction
American Family Insurance Generation Farms KayCee Randy Schopen Foundation The Bill Stade Auction & Realty Co
Anew Insurance Agency Inc Gericke Plumbing KCR Farms RE/MAX Shine The Corral Trailer Sales
Anfang Farms LLC Go-Sho Cattle Co Ken Clark Family Rick & Marilyn Leccese The Scharine Group
ARYV Grand Oaks Farm Lake Mills Market RMA Trucking Theisen’s
Avoidance Acres Griffin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Lemke Milk Hauling Robert Lemke Farm Thompson & Company CPA’s
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C & I Vacuum Specialists, LLC Haberman Investments LLC Maas Brothers Construction Ron’s Market Tri County Dairy Supply
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Complete Feed Service LLC Heideman’s Carpentry Midwest Electric Rural Mutual Insurance  – Watertown Universal Coop Assn
Concord General Store Helenville Mutual Insurance Co Milford Hills Hunt Club Rural Mutual Insurance – Lake Mills Wally’s Feed & Supply
D.D. Schultz Trucking LLC HEPTA’s Inc. Morris Farms LLC Ryan’s Auto Care Waterloo FFA Alumni
Dave’s Turf & Marine Hi-Low Farm LLC NASCO S & R Egg Farm Watertown Agribusiness Club
Delta Electric Innerpak of Wisconsin Neuberger, Griggs, Sweet & Schrier Schneider-Michaelis Funeral Home LLC Waupun Equipment Co Inc
Dettmann Dairy Farm J & S Farms Nitardy Funeral Home Seven Star Farm Whitetail Concrete LLC
Edward Jones – Jefferson Jaeckel Bros Inc Palmyra Storage Shea T Acres Whitewater Vet Clinic
Evenson Farms Jeff Schopen Partnership Bank / Bank First Shorewest Realtors – Watertown WI Milkcaps
Exact House LLC Jefferson County AgriBusiness Pernat’s Premium Meats Smithback Farms / Pioneer Seeds Wiedenfeld Dairy Farms
Festival Foods Jefferson Current Electric Pioneer Roofing LLC Spangler Seedtech Wyffels Seed
Fields Accounting & Tax LLC Jefferson FFA Alumni Pizza Pit of Lake Mills Statz Farms / Statz Contracting Zeeland Farm Services
First Weber – Sun Prairie Jefferson Vet Clinic Platinum Executive Realty Stenjem Acres Zick’s Auto Fix
Forward Mutual Insurance Co JM Carpets Premier Bank of Fort Atkinson Sunshine Genetics
Frank Organic Feed & Supply Jones Dairy Farm Premiere Couture Suzy’s Country Acres

Previous Years Sale Brochures:

Committee Agendas & Minutes

The next meeting of the Meat Animal Project Committee will be on Tuesday, April 13 at 7 p.m. Please see the agenda, minutes and treasurer report for the meeting below.

Awards & Additional Resources

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in becoming a sponsor for the Meat Animal Sale? Please contact Justin Thom, MAP Committee Chair at 262-490-1313 or anyone of the committee members.

We are currently looking for donations in support of animal trucking, brochure printing, meal tent rental and general sale donations.

The Meat Animal Project Committee receives educational support from the 4-H Youth Educator and the Extension Jefferson County Office, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson, WI 53549. When you have any questions regarding your meat animal project, contact one of the committee members or the Extension Office. The Extension office may choose to contact a committee member with your question. Your Extension contact is Kim at or at 920-674-7297.

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