Meat Animal Project (MAP)

The Meat Animal Sale on Saturday, July 11, 2020 has been cancelled!


  • Beef – In the beef project you can learn how to select market quality animals, select proper feed, identify different beef breeds, and gain herd management skills. You will also have the chance to learn about carcass value on market beef. This project is filled with many hands-on activities.
  • Sheep – The sheep project allows members to identify sheep breeds and body parts, observe sheep behavior, and identify uses of wool and other by-products. Project members will learn how to select desirable sheep and how to fit and show sheep.
  • Swine – Enjoy learning about different swine breeds, anatomy of swine, and how to select the correct feed for swine. Also, in this project members will have a chance to practice judging market hogs.

MAP News

The 2020 Meat Animal Auction has been cancelled!


Update June 24, 2020: Thank you notes are now due to the Extension Office on Friday, August 28, 2020 by 4 p.m.


Marketing Your Livestock Project: Guide for Youth and Families


(Below email was sent on June 10, 2020 to all members through 4honline)


The Meat Animal Project Committee is committed to assisting project members with processing as well as securing buyers for their animals. We understand this is a VERY unusual year and families have many questions. 

First, an update. MAP has decided to honor the work of the youth in the project by requesting donations from the buyer’s list from previous auctions. The money will be gathered into one large fund and split equally between all the members who completed their requirements on time. We hope to send a letter describing this process early next week.

If you need to find a buyer for your animal, we ask that you wait until a copy of the buyer letter is emailed to you next week before approaching folks in the community. We want to give them time to understand their options as supporters of this project. We will explain that they might be asked if they are interested in purchasing an animal directly from you in addition to being asked to donate to the MAP fund. We are so appreciative of the support the community shows MAP and 4-H year after year. We want to be respectful as possible and ask that you do the same. 

The committee is trying to determine the number of animals (1 per exhibitor) that are still in need of a spot for processing. In order to determine this, we are asking ALL project members to respond IMMEDIATELY to this email, but no later than Monday, June 15 at noon. 

 Please answer the following questions: 

  • Exhibitor(s) (Youth) Name (First & Last):
  • Phone Number to best contact you:
  • Do you have a processor spot scheduled for your designated ONE MAP animal? (Yes/No)
  • If no, which species do you need a processor spot for (beef, sheep, swine)?
  • If yes, which processor are you scheduled at?
  • Do you have a buyer for your animal? If yes, please list. 

The MAP Committee also voted at their meeting on June 9th to not require record books for the 2019-2020 4-H project year. You are still encouraged to fill out a book if you have the necessary information. The committee can help with finding project days, average market price, and other information if needed. If you do fill out a record book this year, you can receive one point for your 2020-2021 point card. 

It is vitally important that you respond to this email with the information requested above as soon as possible. If you are confused or have questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to a committee member or our office. My work cell is below. 

Thank you for being patient as MAP works through all the options to support the project and thanks for being part of our program! We hope that even with the unprecedented situation we are in, you find value in participating in an animal project. 

On behalf of the Meat Animal Project Committee, 


Contact Information:

Kara Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension
Office: 920-674-7295 │ Work Cell: 920-728-2612 │ Email: │

An EEO/AA Employer, University of Wisconsin provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title VI, Title IX and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements. Please make requests for reasonable accommodations to ensure access to educational programs as early as possible preceding the program, service or activity.  Requests will be kept confidential.


YQCA certificates for 2020 were due to the Extension Office on Friday, May 29, 2020.

MAP Committee Contacts & Election Information


MAP Committee Election Information (Email was sent through 4honline on Friday, 26, 2020):

Good Afternoon MAP Project Members and Parents!

The Meat Animal Project Committee consists of a group of both adults and youth that provide educational opportunities for Jefferson County 4-H and FFA youth. The MAP Committee educates youth on how to raise a market animal (beef, sheep or swine). MAP Committee members are in charge of running all aspects of the annual Junior Dairy and Livestock Auction at the Fair.

It is the time of year that we need to elect the committee for the 2020-21 4-H project year. Requirements for the committee:

  • Must be a certified leader in the Jefferson County 4-H Program (or be able to become a volunteer before November 1)
  • Willingness to be open, thoughtful, considerate and actively involved in the project/committee
  • Ability to attend at least (1) monthly committee meeting
  • Regular attendance at committee planned events such as kick-off meetings, weigh-ins, Project Learning Day, etc.
  • Assistance during Fair week and all day on Sale Day

**On average, a person can expect to spend about 2-4 hours per month. (Some months are crazier than others). Adult representatives are elected for a two-year term (2020-21 & 2021-22). Youth representatives are elected for a one-year term (2020-21). Newly elected committee members terms will start at the August 11, 2020 meeting. The August Committee meeting always consists of both outgoing and newly elected members.

Why do we say all this? We need you to make this project a success!

Current positions up for elections are:

  1. Beef Adult Representative; 2 year commitment – 2021-21 & 2021-22
  2. Sheep Adult Representative; 2 year commitment – 2021-21 & 2021-22
  3. Swine Adult Representative; 2 year commitment – 2021-21 & 2021-22
  4. Member at Large (adult); 1 year commitment
  5. FFA Representative (adult) – can be a local ag teacher or an active alumni member; 1 year commitment
  6. Business Representative (adult) – 1 year commitment
  7. All Youth Members – 2 from each species (sheep, beef, swine); minimum of 9th grade in the Fall

If you are interested in running for an open position, please send your name, position you are running for, picture of yourself, 4-H Club or FFA Chapter affiliation and a brief description of why you would like to serve on the committee to the Extension Office by Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Please email your nomination to or

Elections are currently being planned to be held virtually. An email will be sent to all project members on Wednesday, July 23rd and youth members will have one week to complete their voting electronically. Only youth members are eligible to vote.

Please feel free to reach out to a committee member or the Extension Office with any questions you may have about serving on the committee. We promise you will have FUN!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Meat Animal Project Committee

Current Committee Contacts:

 Position Name Phone
Beef Representative, Adult Scott Keppen 920-988-2306
Beef Representative, Adult Aric Mindemann** 920-988-5815
Beef Representative, Youth Virginia Klecker** (Reporter) 920-296-8227
Beef Representative, Youth Trevor Messmer** (Treasurer) 920-988-1402
Sheep Representative, Adult Karl Winkelman 920-253-9541
Sheep Representative, Adult Mandy Knapp** 920-253-5761
Sheep Representative, Youth Summer Semrau** 920-397-8110
Sheep Representative, Youth Callie Krause** 920-728-7577
Swine Representative, Adult Willie Jacobson** 920-723-1773
Swine Representative, Adult Scot Strauss 920-988-8101
Swine Representative, Youth Mack Mattke** 920-650-0297
Swine Representative, Youth Emma Statz** 920-988-8402
Dairy Representative, Adult Linda Wright 920-253-9398
Dairy Representative, Youth Haden Hartwig** 920-728-1249
Member-at-Large Dan Splinter** 262-490-3039
FFA Representative Michele Chwala** 920-723-3533
Business Representative Jeremy Chwala** 920-723-3557

** Terms expire in 2020.

MAP Data Log

The MAP Data Log is updated when documents are turned into the Extension Office. This log is to help members understand which documents still need to be turned in.

2019-2020 MAP Data Log

MAP Calendar

** The 2020 Meat Animal Auction has been cancelled. **

August 28, 2020

Thank You Notes Due to EXT by 4:00 pm

** Note Date Change!

September 4, 2020

Project Record Books due by 4 pm to EXT Office

*MAP Committee decided at their June 9 meeting that record books are not required this year. Youth who choose to complete their record book will be awarded 1 point for next year.

MAP Handbook, By-Laws, & MAP Agreement

  • MAP 2019-20 Bylaws (Approved at the November 12, 2019 meeting)
  • 2019-2020 Handbook (Please note: Dates and project information printed in the handbook may not be most current due to COVID-19 updates. Please check the calendar and refer to project emails/communication for most up to date information.)

Educational Opportunities

  • 2020-21 Point Card

**Educational Point Card runs from June 1, 2020 – May 28, 2021. **

  1. Completed educational point cards must be turned in by May 28, 2021 to the Extension Office by 4:00 pm. Point cards received in the drop box after 4 p.m. will be considered late.
  2. See Educational Point Card for point values.
  3. Please be sure that everything you put on the card is pre-approved, signed and legible. Dairy related clinics and judging do not count.
  4. Members in grades 3rd – 8th must earn at least four points.
  5. Members in grades 9th – 12th must earn at least six points.
  6. All members must be YQCA certified.
  7. All members must obtain one carcass educational point; grade 13 members are exempt.
  8. Grade 13 Project members are exempt from the educational point card requirements.
  9. Youth that serve on the MAP Committee are exempt from completing the educational point card but are still required to complete the mandatory points such as the carcass educational and YQCA certification.

Other Opportunities for Points

Events not listed on the point card must be pre-approved by the committee in order for them to count as points. Please contact the committee chairperson or the Extension Office before the monthly committee meeting to have your event approved. All educational points must be completed and approved by May 28, 2021.

 Dairy Judging, World Dairy Expo, Dairy Bowl and Project Animal Sales are a few items that are not included and do not count for points in the MAP Project.

 Signatures on Point Cards:

  • All MAP Committee members may sign point cards. At MAP sponsored events, MAP Committee members will stamp point cards with the MAP approved stamp and initial/date the card at the end of the event.
  • For any other even that is pre-approved, please have a presenter or coordinator from the event clearly print their name and sign it. We would appreciate them adding a phone number also so that the event may be verified.
  • Herd Management: Signature should be a club project leader, club general leader or MAP Committee member that has verified requirements. A child’s parent may not sign their point card for herd management.
  • MAP Committee adult members will verify points and signatures as cards are turned in at their next scheduled meeting.
  • YQCA Certification is required to sell in the sale but is not required as a point requirement for the card/project.
  • No youth should sign their own point card.

Record Books

Record Books for 2019-20 MAP Year are OPTIONAL. 

If you opt to hand in a record book, please follow these guidelines.

  1. If you were in the MAP Project last year, you must have completed a record book by September 6, 2019.
  2. If you sign a MAP member agreement and identify an animal either at a weigh-in or through DNA tag option, you are considered an active member of the MAP Project and must turn in a record book by September 4, 2020. Even if your identified animal(s) is not shown at the 2020 Fair and/or sold in the 2020 MAP Sale you must still turn in a record book.
  3. Your required record book must be completed for the animal you sold in the MAP Sale. If you did not sell in the 2020 MAP Sale, your record book can be completed for any animal you identified. It is not required that you create a record book for each animal or each specie you exhibited; only 1 record book is required.
  4. Record books must be turned in complete. If your record book is deemed 50% incomplete, the MAP Committee will review your record book as a committee. Members who turn in record books that are not complete will sell at the END OF THE SALE.
  5. Record Books for 2019-20 are due September 4, 2020 by 4 pm. Record books received after 4 pm in the drop box are considered late.
  6. Record books will be judged only by adult committee members.

Record Books (All record books due to EXT Office by 4 p.m. on Sept. 4, 2020)

Buyer Information

The Meat Animal Project Committee has made the very hard decision to cancel the 2020 Junior Livestock & Dairy Auction on Saturday, July 11, 2020. All registered buyers from 2018 and 2019 sales were mailed the following letter on Thursday, June 18, 2020.

MAP Supporter/Buyer letter  (mailed Thursday, June 18, 2020)

We would like to thank each one of you for your continued support of the Jefferson County 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors! Our annual auction is successful because of you!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Auction on Saturday, July 10, 2021!


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Previous Years Sale Brochures:

Committee Agendas & Minutes

Stay tuned for information being uploaded.

Awards & Additional Resources

Sponsorship Opportunities

Stay tuned for information coming soon!

The Meat Animal Project Committee receives educational support from the 4-H Youth Educator and the Extension Jefferson County Office, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson, WI 53549. When you have any questions regarding your meat animal project, contact one of the committee members or the Extension Office. The Extension office may choose to contact a committee member with your question. Your Extension contact is Kim at or at 920-674-7297.

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