Livestock Project


  • Beef – In the beef project you can learn how to select market quality animals, select proper feed, identify different beef breeds, and gain herd management skills. You will also have the chance to learn about carcass value on market beef.
  • Sheep – In the sheep project you will learn how to identify sheep breeds and body parts, observe sheep behavior, and identify uses of wool and other by-products. Project members will learn how to select desirable sheep and how to fit and show sheep.
  • Swine – The swine project allows members to enjoy learning about different swine breeds, anatomy of swine, and how to select the correct feed for swine while having a chance to practice judging market hogs.
  • Goats – Members can enroll in either dairy goats or meat goats. All members of the goat project will learn various breeds of goats, anatomy of goats and general management practices. Dairy Goat Project members will learn how to select dairy goats and about the milking procedure for them. Meat Goat Project members will learn how to select meat goats and learn about the carcass value.
  • Poultry: Youth may enroll in poultry, poultry market and poultry non-animal within the Poultry project.
    Poultry is for youth exploring non-market birds such as ducks, bantams, geese or turkeys.
    Poultry Market is for youth exploring market birds such as chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys.
    Poultry non-animal is designed to learn about poultry science or egg production without owning the animal.
  • Rabbits: Project members will learn about selecting and handling, identifying breeds and body parts, as well as exploring health issues and feeding.
  • Llama/Alpaca: Youth will be exposed to the following aspects working with llamas and alpacas: handling, showing basics, care and basic requirements of raising healthy camelids. Youth will also gain understanding and participate in projects related to the values associated to owning llamas and alpacas: fiber arts, packing, companion, public relations and guardians.



YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) is required throughout all of Wisconsin. Jefferson County Livestock Project requires this annual training for all youth. All classes are listed in the YQCA web portal. You can sign up for in person sessions now, or complete the online course. 

Livestock Committee Contacts

The Jefferson County Livestock Committee will focus on education for meat livestock projects within our 4-H program. It incorporates livestock judging, meats judging, beef, dairy, goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep and swine into the livestock committee with individual specie project subcommittees. The Livestock Committee will design, plan and coordinate livestock educational opportunities throughout the 4-H calendar year.

Below are your committee members. We are always looking for youth and adults to join our committee and subcommittees. If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to 4-H Educator, Jerry Wilcenski at or 920-674-7295.

  • Beef
    • Justin Thom (Chair)
    • Scott Keppen
    • Ed Bilenski
    • Heather Reu (Treasurer)
  • Sheep
    • Cheryl Splinter
    • Meghan Splinter
    • Libby Knoebel
    • Lindsey Baneck
  • Swine
    • Ed Bilenski
    • Alyssa Jaquith
    • Drew Hansen
    • Katelyn Thom (Secretary)
    • Willie Jacobson
  • Goat
    • Kayla Kehoe
    • Becki Durkee
    • Jerry Wilcenski
  • Rabbits
    • Hannah Brattlie
    • Elliott Small
    • Becki Durkee
  • Poultry
    • Joy Brattlie**
    • Hannah Brattlie
    • Susie Schuld
  • Dairy:
    • Bill Uecker**
    • Zach Tolzman
    • Carly Krull
    • Mark Lundy
    • Megan Lundy
    • Katelyn Allen
    • Kayla Wright
    • Linda Wright
    • Kylene Anderson
    • Maureen DeBruin
    • Peggy Brandenburg
    • Tracy Brandel
  • Meats Judging
    • Libby Knoebel
    • Lindsay Baneck
  • Livestock Judging
    • Ed Bielinski

Handbook & By-Laws

Point Card

Educational Opportunities

The Livestock Committee offers many in-person educational opportunities throughout the calendar year. Please refer to the project handbook for events and dates. Also, please remember to read your weekly Clover Connection email that is sent from the Extension Office. This provides up-to-date information on dates, times and events happening in Jefferson County 4-H for the week.

Below is a list of online education opportunities. Remember the goal is to try to get as many points as possible! The videos allow you to gain knowledge when it is convenient for your schedule. Each video is worth 1 point unless otherwise specified. Members will need to earn six points to be eligible for year end awards and to show under the 4-H emblem.

You can email your Bred and Own Documents to Jerry at

If you missed the mandatory meeting for your specie, please contact Jerry directly ( to set up a time to obtain the information that you missed.

Sheep Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.  

4-H Animal Science Web Series: Sheep Showmanship
Body Condition Scoring Ewes
How to Conduct a Fecal Egg Count in Sheep and Goats
Meat Processing Options for Small Farms
4-H Animal Science Web Series: Sheep Showmanship
Small Ruminants Webinar Series 
Online Livestock Judging: Class 6 Wether Dams
Livestock Judging Clinic- Judging Sheep with Andy Burlingham
Skillathon Clinic- Hay and Wool with Andy Burlingham    

Beef Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.

Beef Across Kansas
Online Livestock Judging: Class 1 Hereford Heifers
Online Livestock Judging: Class 2 Angus Heifers
Online Livestock Judging: Class 3 Performance Simmental Bulls
Livestock Judging Clinic- Judging Cattle with Matt Morrison

Swine Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.  

Swine Across Kansas (Multiple videos on this page. Each video is worth separate points.)
Online Livestock Judging: Class 4 Duroc Gilts
Online Livestock Judging: Class 5 York Gilts
Livestock Judging Clinic – Judging Pigs with Tom Devine  

Rabbit Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.

A Cut Above – Evaluating Meat Pens
Rabbit Showmanship
ARBA Meat Pen Standard of Perfection
Rabbit Meat Pen Basics
Meat Pen Disqualifications
Grade A vs Grade B Evaluating Meat Type in Single Fryers and Meat Pens
Rabbit Condition and Supplements Dr Scott Williamson Professor of Animal Science
4 H Meat Pen Judging
ARBA Posing (5 videos to select from. All videos worth separate points.)
4-H/FFA Rabbit Projects

Poultry Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.

4H Poultry Judging: Class C — Ready to Cook Carcasses
Chicken Parts for Poultry Judging
FFA Poultry Judging: Class 1 – Selecting Meat Type Birds (Cull-Keep)
FFA Poultry Judging: Class 4 – Ready to Cook Carcasses
FFA Poultry Judging: Class 5 – Carcass Placing
4H Poultry Judging: Class G – Exterior Egg Quality
FFA Poultry Judging: Class 7 – Interior Egg Quality
4-H Poultry Showmanship

Goat Online Education: Fill out the Educational Event Form for each video you complete and attach to your point card when turning in.

4-H Animal Science: Meat Goat Showmanship
Show 101 Intro to Series and Goats
Breeding without the Buck
Famacha Score Your Meat Goat – AS-604-VW
Ontario Goat Dairy Farm Tour
Loudenbeck Farms Dairy Goats
The American Dairy Goat Association Genetics Performance Program Webinar (5pts)
Dairy Goat Production Testing Webinar #1
Dairy Goat Body Condition Scoring
Online Livestock Judging: Class 7 Does
Boer Goat Evaluation

Record Books

Project Narrative (Word document; download and save to your computer)

Project Narrative (pdf fillable)

Financial Record Book (pdf file; must fill out by hand)


The following awards are for eligible 4-H Livestock Project members. Awards will be given at the 4-H Annual Awards Banquet held in the Fall of each year.

To be eligible and considered for the below awards, youth must complete their point card, species financial report and species project narrative. Youth may submit multiple point cards, financial reports and project narratives. Multiple point cards, financial reports and project narratives scores are combined for the below awards.

For example, if you show swine but are interested in rabbits and want to learn about the rabbit project, you can attend a rabbit educational meeting and receive points. You would record those points and then at the end of the year turn in multiple point cards. The points are then added together for the overall point total.

In the case of a tie, there will be an in-person interview with the individual project member regarding their specific project.

Outstanding Project Narrative & Financial Record Award: The top three record books for each specie will receive an award. First Place – $100; Second Place – $50; Third Place will receive $20

Young Breeder of the Year: This award will be given to the top youth in the bred and owned livestock project in each species that earns the highest point total.One youth in each specie top point total for all shows (county State, etc.). Includes all animals exhibited at shows. Must be bred and owned. Must complete a record book, specie point card and young breeder point card.

4-H Greenhorn Award: A youth participating in a livestock project for the first time. Awarded to the first-year project member with the best record books and top point cards.

4-H Limelight Award (Point Card): Youth may obtain as many points as they want. Each specie has their own point card that has a minimum point requirement. There is no cap on the number of points a youth may earn. Youth will be rewarded for the effort that they put into their project(s).

  • The top three members in each grade group (5-8; 9-12) will be eligible for a special trip.
    • In 2023, youth will be awarded a trip to North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville in November 2023. We want to reward hard work and create self-motivation.
  • The top three members in grades 3-4 will be eligible for a fun day trip. Details to be determined.
  • The overall top earning point members will receive a testimonial written by the 4-H youth educator about their achievements within the project the youth may utilize when recruiting buyers for their animals or animal products.

Skill-a-Thon Award: Youth will take a written evaluation in one or more specie of their choice. Test will include industry standards, breed identification, equipment identification and meat cut identification. Tests will be available to take in-person at Project Learning Day and the Jefferson County Fair. Specific information and dates and times will be communicated later. The top score for each species in grades 3-4; 5-8 and 9-13 will receive an award worth $50 or more.   

4-H Exhibitor of the Year: An award will be presented to one project member of each species.  Members must meet all exhibitor and animal project requirements to be eligible. Members must participate in showmanship and complete the Skill-A-Thon to be eligible. Members must participate in showmanship and complete the Skill-A-Thon to be eligible. Members must complete their specie record book. Members must report their live class ranking from the County Fair.

  • Total evaluation includes:
    • Live Class Ranking at Jefferson County Fair (20%)
    • Live Showmanship Ranking at Jefferson County Fair (20%)
    • Individual Placing from Skill-A-Thon (20%)
    • Record book placing (20%)
  • In the case of a tie, the tie will be broken in the following order: highest record book ranking, highest Skill-A-Thon ranking, highest showmanship ranking, highest live show ranking.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Community support helps to provide our youth with a wide range of experiences. Sponsors help with travel to national judging competitions, out-of-state educational trips and more. Your support helps the youth of Jefferson Country learn more about the livestock industry and to develop into future leaders in the Ag Industry. 

Interested in becoming a sponsor for the Livestock Committee educational programs? Please contact the Extension, Jefferson County Office at 920-674-7297 or for more details. 

The Livestock Committee receives educational support from the 4-H Educator and the Extension Jefferson County Office located at 864 Collins Road in Jefferson, WI.

When you have any questions regarding your livestock project, contact one of the committee members or the Extension Office. The Extension office may choose to contact a committee member with your question. Your Extension contact is Jerry Wilcenski, 4-H Educator, at or at 920-674-7295.

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