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Jefferson County Horse & Pony Project welcomes all 4-H members to join and learn and ride with us! Our “Project” is our horses (and see below- you don’t even have to have a horse to participate!), and we demonstrate what we are learning all year long by showing at County Fair. We grow in horsemanship and leadership and teamwork, striving to be a friendly welcoming group of horse-crazy kids, and the adults who help make things happen.

Horseless Horse

Horseless Horse: You do not need to own your own horse to belong at JCHP! “Horseless Horse” is an exciting part of JCHP that is designed to give kids who don’t own/borrow/lease a horse a chance to participate in the Horse Project, including showing at Jefferson County Fair. HH kids tend to be beginners, with less experience and ability and they share a horse with a designated “Buddy”- another Project member, who is a more experienced horse owner owner/borrower/leaser and is expected to be working with the HH member throughout the year to teach them the basics on care, handling, showmanship, riding, safety, horse behavior and to assist them with improving their ability to handle the animal safely and with confidence. At Jefferson County Fair, HH members and their buddies share one horse in one stall.  HH members can show their horses in Horseless Horse Showmanship and Horseless Horse Walk/Trot riding classes, and may show at a walk or trot in the fun classes. No cantering/loping is allowed. 

When you are either a traditional (horse owner) or a “managerial” (horse borrower or leaser) member, you are responsible financially and physically for the care, maintenance and development of the horse. At Fair, you may show in whatever classes suit your age and abilities. If you enter as a walk/trot exhibitor, you may only walk/trot in all classes, including the fun speed classes. Traditional and Managerial members who are more experienced riders are encouraged to help out by taking on the role of “Buddy” to a Horseless Horse member.  

Please email if you are a HH kid or would like to volunteer as a buddy.

JCHP Committee

Chair– Jenn Olson (Adult); Lauren Hanson (Youth)
Vice Chair– Terri Besch (Adult), Bella Mitchell (Youth)
Secretary– Erica Neis (Adult), Gemma (Youth)
Treasurer– Lori Hogan (Adult), Rylie Neis (Youth)
Reporter– Nancy (Adult), Celia Olson (Youth)
At Large Members– Julie Lohman (Adult), Angela Mitchell (Adult), Mary Grace Lohman (Youth), Kiana Mitchell (Youth)
Ambassador- Ava Armstrong


Countywide Meetings for all Youth Members are held the 3rd Tuesday 


Committee Meetings for the Adult and Youth Board Members are held every month on the 1st Tuesday of the month

More meetings and events will be scheduled– watch for updates!

JCHP Calendar

Special Events

Tack Sale: Thank you for a great 2022 sale! See you in 2023!

Vaccine Clinic 2022: The 2022 clinic has been held. Check back in early 2023 for details for the 2023 event which is usually held in March. 

Open Pleasure & Speed Horse Shows: May 30, 2022


Jefferson County Fair: July 13-17, 2022

To-Do at Home

Explore raising and showing horses while developing life skills here!

Horse Education – Horse Education Quizlet Lessons 

Educational Opportunities

Monday Night Lessons/Fun Night: an optional opportunity for members to meet at Fair Park with or without horses to learn and ride together. Monday Night Lessons will start in spring 2022. 

4-H Drill Team: contact to register your interest!

Horse Education: is an optional additional meeting where members learn about horses and have the opportunity to compete against each other and potentially in the Horse Bowl contest. Horse Education Nights will start on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. We will meet every Tuesday night at 7 pm at the Extension Office. (We will not meet on countywide project meeting dates.) Practice and test your horse knowledge here:  Horse Education Quizlet Lessons


Mission statement : The Jefferson County Horse & Pony Ambassador program strives to provide an opportunity to practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other project youth and to represent and promote the 4-H Horse program for public relations purposes at county and state events. 

Equine Ambassador Program Details 2022

Poster and Speech Guidelines 2022

JCHP Equine Ambassador Application– Application due on March 1, 2022. 


Current Ambassador- Kiana Mitchell (2021-2022)

Past Ambassadors:
Hailey Besch (COVID Ambassador 2020-2021)
Virginia Klecker (2019-2020)
Micah Yaeggi (2018-2019)
Kayla Donaldson (2017‐2018)
Melissa Melcher (2016‐2017)
Destiny Donaldson (2015-2016)
Natalie Ciciva (2014-2015)
Holly Graffin (2013-2014)
Amanda LePak (2012-2013)
Amanda French (2011-2012)
Caitlin Finger (2010-2011)
Morgan Endl (2009-2010)
Jason Kissner (2008‐2009)

JCHP Handbook & By-Laws

JCHP Handbook

JCHP Constitution & Bylaws – JCHP Constitution and Bylaws 2021 Draft (will be approved at Jan. 2022 Countywide)



Point Reimbursement Form (stay tuned for further info on points)

Awards & Additional Resources


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