Community Development

Our community development work plan is also designed to support the 2023 Strategic Plan Priorities of Jefferson County:

Highly Regarded Quality of Life

Goal 1: Deliver accessible, equitable, high-quality services that enhance quality of life
Goal 3: Attract visitors and future residents to Jefferson County

Intentional Economic Growth

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Goal 1: Support a thriving business community through business retention, expansion and attraction efforts
Goal 4: Foster partnerships and collaboration to serve as a catalyst for intentional economic growth for the county and its towns, cities and villages

Transformative Government

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Goal 4: Strengthen internal, intergovernmental and community partnerships
Obj. 4.3 Continue to expand public outreach efforts and enhance community engagement

Organizational Development

Nonprofits who have served the community for years may look in the mirror and realize change is necessary. Change can be driven by a turnover in leadership, shifting funding relationships, an unexpected crisis, a desire to serve community members in new ways, or any number of internal or external conditions. The decision to change is the easy part. The bigger challenge is implementing change in an intentional and sustainable manner. A well-designed organizational change process is critical.

Based on shared and individual organizational needs, Extension custom designs educational workshops that provide opportunities to pause, reflect, connect and determine new strategies and processes to achieve outcomes. 

Contact us to discuss your nonprofit organization’s needs from board recruitment and development to strategic planning. Togerther we can analyze needs and determine appropriate educational processes. Ultimately, we want to assist your organization in becoming more successful in creating community value while delivering on mission.

Community Economic Development

The goal of the UW-Madison Extension Community Economic Development Program is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for Wisconsin residents. Our purpose is rooted in working with community leaders by applying research and providing educational programming. Programming topics include:

  • Community quality of life
  • Supporting new and small businesses
  • Downtown and business districts
  • Placemaking
  • Community Economic Analysis & Planning

Contact us to learn more!

Local Government Academy

Open to residents, the Local Government Academy provides a hands-on opportunity for residents to learn more about local government operations and services, widen community relationships, develop leadership skills, and identify opportunities to apply leadership skills in the community and within local government. 

Increase your understanding 

The Local Government Academy is an informative and interactive opportunity to learn about your department’s operations and government!

Learn about your community’s:

  • Leadership roles
  • Departments
  • Budget
  • Demographics
  • Government structure
  • Service opportunities: volunteering for boards, commissions, community organizations and special programs
  • Path to run for office

Contact us if your community is interested in exploring what a Local Government Academy

Upcoming Events

Spring 2024 Broadband Regional Workshops

This one-day workshop is Getting Ready for Broadband Equity, Access, and Development (BEAD) Funding: Permitting, Engagement and Learning from the Experience (March 22nd in Waterloo is one of nine statewide locations where the workshop is offered).

Who should attend?
– Elected officials, community leaders, staff, and volunteer committee members working on expanding access to broadband in their community.
– Organizations supporting broadband planning and expansion (school and library staff, regional economic development organizations, regional planning commissions, Extension educators, etc)
– Permitting authorities (WisDOT, DNR, Forest Service, Railroad, and more)
– Internet Service Providers

For more details and to register go here:

The Community Development Educator contact for Jefferson County is:
Steven Chmielewski
Located at the Waukesha County Extension Office

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