Plants and Natural Sciences


Beekeeping – Youth explore the modern methods of beekeeping; study the fundamentals of beekeeping & management of honey.

Birds – Youth may gain knowledge on identifying birds, habitat and care of birds; wildlife watching, recording, etc.

Entomology – Learn about insects, their behavior and life history. Youth will discover the parts of an insect’s body as well as compare and contrast insects.

Exploring Your Environment – Youth interested in astronomy, conservation, geology, energy, weather, recycling, etc. should enroll in this project youth have the chance to learn about these areas and become excited with their environment.

Fishing – Youth have the chance to learn proper catching techniques, identify different types of bait, learn how to properly organize a tackle box and identify different types of fish.

Forestry – Identify forest types, forest products, and trees as well as determine the age of a tree by counting rings. In this project you will understand forest competition, and learn the life cycle of a tree.

Hunting & Wildlife – Learn the history, philosophy and laws of hunting. Learn to plan and equip yourself for a hunt as well as learn basic taxidermy.

Outdoor Adventures – This project is for youth interested in camping, canoeing, backpacking, hiking, skiing or other outdoor adventures. Project members will learn all the basics of camping and other outdoor activities.

Wildflowers – Learn about wildflowers in your neighborhood; learn to identify wildflowers and how to collect them; discover how humans affect wildflowers.

Crops – Youth interested in raising corn, wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, oats, barley, haylage, etc. should enroll in this project. Youth will learn about germination, planting, nutrients, harvesting, and storage of crops.

Flowers – Project members will learn to identify flower parts and their functions, give flower presentations, identify different flower types, and learn the basics about landscaping.

Gardening – Youth interested in growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits, or herbs should enroll in this project. Youth will learn how to grow vegetables and learn about soil testing.

House Plants – Through this project youth will learn how to identify plant parts and their functions, grow house plants, and learn about plant pinching for propagation.

Plant Crafts – Plant crafts is a project where youth can learn how to make flower arrangements and corsages as well learn about plant materials and drying techniques.

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