Dog Project


Project members learn the basic skills for dog care and training, discover different dog breeds and study and identify dog anatomy.

Project Leaders

Kate Anderson (920) 723-3614,
Michele Zimmerman  (920) 988-9073

Kate, Michele and the other trainers are looking forward to meeting you and your dog!

Dog Project Calendar

Dog Project Calendar 2024 

*Check back later for updates!

All Training will be on Monday Nights at Fair Park Activity Center

  • Training times:
    6:00pm  New kids & New Dog                                                
    7:00pm  All Returning Kids and Dogs

*Check out Jefferson County 4-H Dog Project Facebook page for meeting cancellations, updates and reminders.

To-Do at Home

Learn more about how to feed, care for and keep your dog healthy; groom and train your dog; and be a responsible dog owner here!

Dog Project Handbook

Other Dog Project Information

  • All dogs must be current on their Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations, a copy of the shot records must be handed in before training starts on February 14.  We will need to keep a copy of the Rabies Vaccination, this is a new State rule.
  • The 4-H Dog Project has an attendance requirement. The rules of the project will be discussed at the orientation meeting. If you can’t attend the first meeting please call Kate Anderson at 920-728-3614 for general information on the project you missed.
  • One thing you can do between now and the first meeting; take 10 minutes each day to pet and playing with your dog (whatever the two of you enjoy doing). It should be the responsibility of the 4-H’er to feed and clean up after their dog (this will help with your dog listening to you).
  • If the weather looks bad in your area, stay home you will be excused from training that night. As a general rule if there is a snow storm (three or more inches/icy roads or blowing snow) that evening we will not have training/meeting. If in question stay home and call and let us know it was weather related. Once we have emails from the project members we will email to cancel meetings, when the weather looks threatening.

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