Purpose Statement


The mission of UW-Extension is to help the people of Wisconsin apply University research, knowledge and resources to meet their educational needs wherever they live and work.

Cooperative Extension

Divisional Mission, Vision and Values

The mission statement articulates the fundamental, core purpose of an organization.  A vision helps describe a desired end-state, and value statements help articulate the philosophy and deep-seeded beliefs of an organization.  The UW-Extension, Cooperative Extension, as a statewide institution has embraced the following mission, vision and value statements.

(Note: UW Extension’s mission, vision and values have been adjusted over time; the Jefferson County University Extension Education Committee is comfortable with these concise guiding statements from earlier versions.)


UW-Extension extends the research, knowledge and resources of the University of Wisconsin to people where they live and work.


Wisconsin’s educational network for engaging people and their communities in positive change.


Research, scholarship and community knowledge.  We apply research to address local issues and concerns.  We hold ourselves accountable for the highest standards of scholarship.  We respect and apply the knowledge of the people we serve.

Local needs and interests.  We build the capacity of citizens to engage in the public work that helps them solve their own problems.  The local community provides the context for our work.  To address local needs, our continuing local presence is vital.

Excellence and innovation.  We explore new approaches to meeting educational needs.  We demonstrate the highest standards for program quality and effectiveness.

Partnerships.  We seek partnerships with county, tribal, state and federal governments, private and public organizations, campus and county staff, volunteers and community residents.  Our success depends on shared interests, responsibility, resources and recognition.

Honesty and Integrity.  We are stewards of the public’s trust and resources.  We create respectful, supportive work environments by acting on our organization’s values.

Diversity.  We seek diversity in our faculty, staff and clientele and welcome differences in people, ideas, programs and partnerships.

People are our most important resource.  We continuously improve the practices that enable us to hire and retain the highest quality workforce.

We embrace open communication and strive to improve our workplace.

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