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Beef In the beef project you can learn how to select market quality animals, selecting proper feed, identify different beef breeds, and gain some herd management skills. You will have the chance to learn about carcass value on market beef as well. This project is filled with many hands-on activities. Aric Mindemann
Sheep The sheep project allows members to identify sheep breeds and body parts, observe sheep behavior, and identify uses of wool and other by-products. Projects members will learn how to select desirable sheep and how to fit and show sheep.

Aric Mindemann

Swine Enjoy learning about different swine breeds, anatomy of swine, and how to select the correct feed for swine. Also, in this project members will have a chance to practice judging market hogs. Aric Mindemann
Cats Through the cat project you will learn how to select a cat, identify cat breeds, name the parts of a cat, handle and groom a cat, care for its health, and create a budget. Kim Hall (920)209-2403
 Dairy The dairy project is fun way to learn about the management and care of dairy cattle. Project members will learn the various dairy breeds and anatomy of dairy cattle; as well as selecting desirable traits and how to fit and show a calf. Bill Uecker (920)285-9125
 Dogs Project members learn the basic skills for dog care and training, discover different dog breeds and study and identify dog anatomy. Kate Anderson (920)723-3614
Goats Project members can enroll in either dairy goats or meat goats. Generally, through the goat project members will learn various breeds of goats, anatomy of goats, and general management practices. Dairy goat project members will learn how to select dairy goats and learn about the milking procedure in dairy goats. Meat goat project members will learn how to select meat goats and learn the carcass value of meat goats.   Stephanie Zimmerman (920)285-8489
 Horses Project members will learn horse behavior and terms, study the breeds and identify body parts, and saddle, groom, and bridle your horse. Project members will also learn horse safety and horse selection.  Ursula Yaeggi
Horseless Horse Through the horseless horse project, members do not need to have a horse. They will learn horse behavior, body parts, and other components of the project without a horse.  Ursula Yaeggi
Pets Youth will learn about various small animals such as fish, cavies, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, and parrots.

Youth can enroll in poultry, poultry market, and poultry non-animal.

-Poultry- is for youth exploring non-market birds such as ducks, bantams, geese, or turkeys.

-Poultry Market- is for youth exploring market birds such as chickens, ducks, geese, or turkeys.

-Poultry Non-Animal- This project is designed to learn about poultry science or egg production without owning the animal.

Rabbits Project members will learn about selecting and handling rabbits, identify rabbit breeds and body parts, as well as explore health issues and feed. Sue Wilpolt (608)689-3406
Veterinary Science Learn different breeds of animals, interpret animal behavior, identify feed nutrients, describe animal life changes and systems, create health records for your animal, conduct food safety experiments, consider animal welfare, and many more.

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