To receive memorials, gifts and bequests for the support, expansion and promotion of the Jefferson County 4-H program.

Why the Endowment Fund?

  • To provide long-range support for the Jefferson County 4-H program. The earnings of this fund will be used for innovative/educational programs that will support the strengthening and expansion of the Jefferson County 4-H program.
  • Through the establishment of the Endowment Fund, the Jefferson County 4-H program is able to accept “special” gifts and memorials.

How does the Fund work?

  • Endowment Fund is a depository of gifts and donations for the Jefferson County 4-H program.
  • Only the interest earned will be used to fund innovative and educational programs that support the strengthening and expansion of the 4-H program in Jefferson County.
  • The Leaders Association Board will annually review fund and determine active projects and opportunities within the 4-H program to utilize funding. The Leaders Association Board may invite grant proposals from 4-H subcommittees, the 4-H Leaders’ Association and UW-Extension Educator. They would then select which of those programs to fund.

Who can contribute?

  • Anybody and any size gift is accepted. Cash gifts, memorials, bequests and property, including stock, real estate and land, are appreciated.
  • All gifts and contributions are tax deductible as provided in Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Contributions Welcome
To contribute, checks may be made payable to the Jefferson County 4-H Endowment Fund and sent to:

Jefferson County 4-H Endowment Fund
C/o UW Foundation
864 Collins Road
Jefferson, WI 53549

In addition, contributions can be made online. Under Designation, open the first item and go to the bottom of the list and click “other detailed below”. Where it states “If you desire, you may further restrict your gift to a specific department or program” type in Jefferson County 4-H Endowment Fund. It’s quick, easy, and tax deductible. Method of payment online are: American Express, Master Card, and Visa or checking/savings account.

Donate online to 4-H Jefferson County Endowment Fund:

1. Under the first line in Designation, go down to bottom and click “Other-detailed below”.
2. In the drop box, select “Jefferson County 4-H Endowment Fund”.
3. Fill in all pertinent information information including Personal Information, Payment Information and Review & Submit.

All gifts will be acknowledged to the honoree, or family of the memorialized, as appropriate. If you do not receive an acknowledgement in a reasonable amount of time, please call 920-674-7295 to make sure it was received in the proper account.

4-H Endowment Form

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